Gathering the best developers of Graphene toolkit and senior leaders of the community

Profile of HelloEOS

HelloEOS is a strong and leading candidate for EOS block producer. With the ability to develop and maintain Graphene blockchain, and a community of more than 30 thousand user base, HelloEOS aims to become the best BP and the best community of EOS, and we have already contributed in the following ways:

We gathered the best developers of Graphene toolkit and senior leaders of the community

We founded and manages several social media: HiBlockchain(WeChat subscription, more than 20 thousand followers); HelloEOS Community(9 QQ chat groups and 10 WeChat groups, more than 30 thousand members altogether); hibtc.org(an information site that focuses on promoting blockchain and Graphene 2.0)

HelloEOS have been running since 2013, when the first project of BM was still in testnet. Over the years, HelloEOS is member of BitShares Committee, and witness of BitShares blockchain

To support and make BitShares ecosystem with diversities, we developed a more stable and credible blockchain explorer: http://bts.ai/ ; an elegant and easy-to-use exchange based on BTS Dex: https://www.hellobts.com/

HELLO Family



We are the earliest to establish domestic EOS community. As a forerunner, HiBlockchain have been producing and interpreting articles of EOS news and technical analysis ever since, spreading the word, helping the community to better understand EOS from beginners to advanced users.


We have provided technical support for 3 active witness nodes on BitShares blockchain. Meanwhile, we are professionals on YOYOW blockchain in aspects of server maintenance.


Income of being block producer will be used to incubate programs on EOS, especially the third party DAPP, off-line campaign promotion, etc. We are currently working on the development of EOS Wallet, hoping to provide an elegant and easy-to-use one.

Node Information

We prepared solutions to different cases regarding the stages and ever-changing demands. In testnet and early stages when block is small and load pressure is still low, we adopt the cloud based server approach:
• BP Servers (1 livenet, 1 standby): 16 Cores; 256G RAM; 1T SSD Hard Drive
• API Server: 16 Cores; 256G RAM; 1T SSD Hard Drive
When visits grow, we will upgrade our servers, expand the bandwidth, preparing to scale as necessary.


Technical members of HelloEOS were the earliest in China to know Graphene technologies and are the very few that capable of independent developments built on Graphene toolkit. Equipped with high-efficiency facilities and crisis management experiences, we make sure to provide the most secure and stable services.





Co-founder of YOYOW, BitShares Greater China Representative, BitShares committee member, EOS white paper interpreter. One of the initial domestic sermonizer of DAC ecosystem, involving in Graphene technology and DAC ecosystem from early stage.


Early participant in blockchain, with 4-year experience in collaborating with the exchanges and the media as well as organizing and coordinating online and offline activities, with a high number of contacts and essential resources for the project, while keeping a close relationship with overseas developer communities.


Former Director of the Blockchain School within the Institute of Information Technovation, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, founder of the Blockchain Industry Alliance of the Jiangsu Internet Association, and co-founder of the Global Alumbi Blockchain Association of the University of Science and Technology of China as well as the LiangKe Funds. An early investor in NEO and a contributor of the NEO community, with invaluable experiences in community operations and public relations.


Senior architect with 8-year working experience in software development, core developer of hellobts.com, experienced in node security and network maintenance.